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Palau Red Cross Lists 201 People in Critical Need of Water

Number Expected to Increase

The Palau Red Cross Society has identified a total of 201 vulnerable members of the community who require daily distribution of water.

Clarence Masayos, Executive Director of Red Cross said great need for water became apparent during their initial assessment on April 2. Assessments were conducted on homebound citizens and elderlies listed in Red Cross, Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs’ records.

The organization has since distributed its entire stock of 174 one-gallons of drinking water.

Red Cross volunteers fill up jerry cans for water distribution. Photo by Imelda Mai (Facebook)

Red Cross volunteers fill up donated jerry cans for distribution. Photo credit: Imelda Mai (Facebook)

With no resources left for distribution, Red Cross requested use of the Civic Action Team’s 400-gallon water buffalo to continue water distribution efforts.

Filling up donated 2-gallon jerry cans from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) the organization was able to maintain water delivery schedules to designated individuals daily.

This week, Red Cross changed delivery schedules from daily to twice a week on Mondays and Thursday. Masayos told Pacific Note that the schedule may be adjusted in the future depending on individual need.

Although an additional 105 persons have been identified in Babeldaob, Masayos says the National Emergency Committee (NEC) has mobilized water trucks to replenish supplies in areas under water rationing including Ngarchelong and Ngatpang.

“The list of vulnerable persons is expected to increase if the drought situation persists”, states NEC in its “Immediate and Near-Term Drought Response Plan”.

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