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Below is the public statement of Palau Vice President and Minister of Justice Antonio Bells who on Monday, voluntarily dismissed the damages lawsuit he filed against former Interim Special Prosecutor Melissa Simms, Attorney General John Bradley and Bureau of Public Safety Ismael Aguon.

When I heard that ISP Melissa Simms was leaving the country, I rushed to file a case against her and others involved in the lawsuit against me. I was worried that she would run off with her wrongdoing in filing a bogus case at the expense of the government and get away with it. In retrospect, I realize that I acted in haste and did not think out the case carefully.

No matter what I do, Simms already left and I had and still have no quick way to stop her from leaving or even bring her back now. This is why I have decided to withdraw the lawsuit and take more time to reflect on what proper steps I should take next.

Many people say I should sue the Republic, but I am most disturbed about the idea because I know that the people did nothing wrong- it is the unconscientious people including Melissa Simms who ganged up against me with bad intentions to discredit my effort, who were not doing their job to protect the law---- that’s why Simms dismissed her own charges at the end.

However I believe that the audit report on Tempest Wind in essence vindicates me and proves that I was correct to investigate the illegal act the Director of Public Safety took to direct the deposit of public funds into a private account.

Palau Vice President Antonio Bells

And because I was charged unfairly and as a public official, I believe that I should not have to spend my own money or get into debt to defend myself. I may have to appeal for proper action from the President or Congress to assist me in recovering my expenses and I will leave the necessary legal charges up to the AG’s office or the Special Prosecutor, hoping that the AG will not have any more doubt about the violation of the Constitution and laws and that the new Special Prosecutor will take the responsible action without further delay.

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