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Ngiracheluolu Wins Kayangel State Governorship

After a long wait – a week of anguish, Kayangel governoship has finally been decided in a close election that had legislator Midas Ngiracheluolu defeating incumbent governor Jeffrey Titiml by five votes.

Ngiracheluolu won with final tally of 141 to Titiml’s 136, after all the ballots including the absentees were counted. Total of 38 absentee ballots were tabulated including 13 walk-ins and 25 received through the post office after 4:30 p.m. yesterday.

The absentee ballots didn't make any difference with the two candidates nearly splitting the outside votes down the middle with Ngiracheluolu garnering the support of 19 while Titiml got 18. One write-in vote was recorded in the absentee ballots for governor.

Initial results after the May 31, 2016 state election, had Ngiracheluolu leading Titiml by four votes with 122 – 117 before the counting of absentee votes.

Legislative candidates who secured their seat in the 12-member state legislature includes Francisca Skiwo, Frederick “Roydan” Renguul, Richard Ngiraked, Jack Ngiraked, Harrington Olebuu, Sukrad O. Sbal, Inawo Sebaklim, Ricky Ngiraked, Edwin T. Chiokai, Secundino Edboi, Elmis Ruluked, and Shannon Selau Sakai.

Kayangel is an outlying state located 85km north of Koror.

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