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Two New Police Officers Sworn In

The Bureau of Public Safety has added two new officers to its police force in a brief swearing in ceremony held at the Division of Fish and Wildlife Office today.

Freemont Mengidab will report tomorrow to the patrol division to begin his first day of police duty. Mengidab said after officially getting his officer’s badge that he will carry out his duty to the best of his ability.

Freemont Mengidab takes the police oath from acting BPS Director J. Omtei Ringang

“I will do my job as a police officer to the best of my ability,” said the new police officer Mengidab.

Marsei Orrukem also took the police officer’s oath in the same ceremony.

Orrukem previously served as a police officer until he resigned from the police force more than a year ago.

He returns to the police force highly recommended by the division chiefs.

“I want to thank everyone for giving me this second chance with the police force. I can assure that I will do my job as the oath I took requires of me, and I will be a police officer until the day of my retirement,” Orrukem said.

Orrukem will officially report to work at the division of corrections on Monday next week.

Marsei Orrukem takes the police oath from acting BPS Director J. Omtei Ringang

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