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Sen. Pierantozzi Formally Enters Presidential Race

Sen. Sandra Pierantozzi, who has formalized her presidential bid, said she is running on platform of change. Pierantozzi filed her election papers at the Palau Election Commission on July 21, becoming the second presidential aspirant to enter the race for the top political post.

Pierantozzi emphasized the need to improve the welfare of all Palauan citizens and promised to find opportunities for them secure lands and have better access to own homes.

She expressed concerns about job generation for the Palauans especially those who studied abroad. She is also committed to building a stronger economy in Palau.

“I want to make sure that there are job for Paluaans andthey can afford to buy their homes. We need to build a strong economy which benefits Palauans,” Pierantozzi said.

Pierantozzi, the lone female candidate seeking the presidency, said she hopes to break the glass ceiling to become the first woman president in Palau. She served as the country's Vice President from 2001 to 2005, she has been Minister of Finance, Senator, Vice President and Minister of Health, Minister of State and run for president in 2012 but was defeated in the primary.

Pierantozzi was elected as senator in a special election held December 2015. She is finishing the last six months of the vacant seat left by the late Sen. Kathy Kesolei, who died in October 2015.

Pierantozzi is opting for low-key campaigning compared to President Rememgesau who is seeking re-election and another candidate Sen. Surangel Whipps Jr.

Remengesau has declared his bid but has yet to file his election papers. Whipps Jr. submitted his election papers on July 20.

Fourth candidate for president is the current Vice President Antonio Bells but is yet to submit his nominating petition.

Pierantozzi however said she is also making rounds of the states in Palau and have made know to her constituents that she will work on accomplishing programs and policies that the Remengesau administration has failed to do.

She is also confident in the fact that she is a seasoned public servant and years of experience in foreign policy and international relations.

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