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Organic Greenhouse Farming Comes to Palau

An organic greenhouse farm in Palau has produced its first harvest with 150 bundles of green leafy vegetable, popularly called “napa”.

Amos Mesubed and his son Joshua shows the napa vegetables grown inside the greenhouse.

Mr. Amos Mesubed said he is pleased that since site preparation work began on his farm more than a year ago, he finally has his first market harvest.

Napa is one of the many vegetables that are grown inside an indoor farm equipped with anti-insect mesh nets and shade cloth with spraying water technology to keep the plants watered.

“My farm produces clean vegetables organically, which means no pesticides or other chemicals are being used,” Mesubed said.

Mesubed owns Todos Farm with investments from Chinese partners. The farm have six greenhouses measuring 20 feet wide by 150 feet long that are grown variety of vegetables inside.

But while napa is being harvested for the local stores and restaurants, the farm is growing other varieties including radish, head cabbage, chili pepper and others.

Mesubed disclosed that a napa seedling can reach market size in just three weeks after it’s transferred from nursery to a grow-out farm. Even at its highest yield, he admitted that the greenhouses may not be able to meet the demand.

Newly planted greenhouse with green leafy vegetables.

Six Chinese nationals with expertise on organic farming are on board to develop and improve plant varieties and vegetable production.

“We are also trying our hand at strawberries but will also expand to include ornamental flowers to supply the local flower shops,” Mesubed added.

While the farm makes its own organic compost, there is also a plan to convert the greenhouses to be a hydroponic farm.

In an interview, Mesubed said that the total investment from his Chinese partners poured into the project approaches $500,000. “Environmental permitting, site preparation and many other project component has cost us about $500,000,” Mesubed added.

Todos Farm is located by the compact road near Tabecheding River bridge with the river providing water to the greenhouses.

Todos Farm greenhouses.

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