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Palau's VP Files Election Papers For President

Vice President Antonio Bells sealed his bid for presidency as he filed his election papers on Aug. 1.

Promising accomplishments within 100 days of taking office, Bells said his platform is focused on four programs: rule of law, transparency, merit system and honesty. He also seeks equality and a balanced Palauan society.

The vice president, when trying to explain his platform, stated that the failure to implement the rule of law could be exemplified by his experience with the former Interim Special Prosecutor (ISP).

Bells was earlier charged by the former ISP with misconduct in public office.

Bells was elected Vice President in 2012. He also served as Ngaraard Delegate for several years.

He said he did not declare his intention to run for the presidential post on an earlier time, because he did not want to disrupt the government by announcing that he would be running against current president Remengesau, who is seeking re-election.

Bells said he has begun campaigning but will concentrate on the media, including radio, and television. He said he would try and convince people of his programs and how it will better the lives of the Palauan people.

“I don’t have much time to reach out to everybody and no resources to go outside and hold public functions that will require money,” Bells said.


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