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House Speaker Distracted by NDBP President's Sleeveless Dress

At the oversight hearing conducted yesterday by the House Committee on Banking and Financial Matters, with the Board of the National Development Bank of Palau (NDBP), Speaker Sabino Anastacio got distracted by the sleeveless dress wore by the bank's president to the hearing.

NDBP President Claire Harvey second from left in a purple sleeveless dress.

Despite Harvey's presence in the hearing, Anastacio directed the comments to NDBP chairman, Marino Rechesengel in Palauan.

"Thank you Mr. Chairman, first let me thank you and the NDBP board of directors to have been able to come to the oversight. I don’t like to speak in English so you will translate what I will say to your CEO when you go back to your office after the hearing.

On the side Mr. Chairman before we proceed, I just want to say that I don’t like what your CEO is wearing, the outfit looks like she's out at the beach.

She is seating facing the OEK members. And I say to you that it is not appropriate to come and seat wearing that kind of sleeveless dress in front of us."

The Speaker later in the hearing suggested to the board to organize a farewell dinner for the bank's president and send her back home.

Ms. Claire Harvey is the bank's president who took up the job in February of this year. She is from New Zealand.

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