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Special Prosecutor Files Criminal Charges Against Palau Governor

The Special Prosecutor’s office, on Sept. 27, filed three counts of criminal charges against sitting Ngarchelong State Governor Browny Salvador.

Salvador faces one count of theft of government property in the first degree, one count of misconduct in public office and one count of criminal violation of the code of ethics for allegedly unlawfully increasing his salary without appropriate changes to the law.

A resolution by the Legislature of the Seventh Ngarchelong State Assembly, in July 2015, requesting the SP’s office to look into the governor’s pay increase prompted an investigation into possible violations of law.

Investigation revealed a personnel action form signed by the governor raising his salary from $872.80 biweekly to $1,000. The form referenced a Ngarchelong State Public Law that did not approve of the increased stated

Assistant Special Prosecutor Timothy P. Zintak in the Affidavit of Probable Cause filed in court.

Gov. Salvador in the previous state administration allegedly attempted to increase his salary several times. Believing the action was inappropriate at the time, the Legislature rejected his proposal for salary increase each time.

Salvador pleaded not guilty to the charges during the arraignment Tuesday.

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