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Filipino Fishermen Detained, Boat Seized

The Division of Marine Law Enforcement (DMLE) seized a small Filipino-flagged fishing vessel on Dec. 16 for suspected illegal fishing in Palau’s waters.

According to a DMLE officer, the vessel, identified as the FV Kurt,was found by the PSS Remeliik 14 miles from Tobi Island on the morning of Dec. 16.

Information stated that when the officers found the vessel, it had a fishing line in the water and when they boarded, the officers found sharks and at least 4 tons of yellowfin tuna.

The suspected illegal Philippine fishing boat FV Kurt here sandwiched between two other apprehended boats at Palau’s marine law enforcement dock. Photo by Richard W. Brooks

The vessel is suspected to have been fishing in the Palau EEZ using FADs. The vessel was subsequently apprehended and its crew of 18 escorted back to Koror on December 19.

The tuna was sold off by DMLE on December. 19.

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