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Remengesau Aims To Maintain A ”Caring Government”

Newly sworn-in Palau President Tommy Remengesau, entering his second term, announced his aims, for his last term to work towards maintaining a ” caring government” and prioritize initiatives that will develop two of the “greatest assets” of the country, its people and the environment.

Tommy E. Remengesau Jr sworn into office as President by his sister and Judge Honora Remengesau-Rudimch.

“Now more than ever, we need to work together to Preserve the Best, and Improve the Rest by focusing on our two greatest assets – our People and our Environment. In order to do this, we must make sure that our government is a ‘caring government’ -- A government that is sensitive to the needs of the people of Palau,” Remengesau said.

Hundreds of well-wishers and supporters trooped to the Capitol Building in Melekeok State to witness the inaugural ceremonies.

The crowd erupted into cheers as the grinning president took to the stage with his wife First Lady Debbie Remenegsau.

The president said his administration would continue to care for its people on his last term in office.

“Our government must be about delivering effective services, and not about making profits. We must find a way to deliver effective programs even when they are costly, because the welfare of everyone must be assured,” Remengesau said.

The president also rolled out measures he intends to introduce in the first days of his second term.

He announced that he will introduce pieces of legislation to increase the minimum wage, put a cap on campaign spending, a measure to promote high value, high end tourism and increase social security benefits for the people.

He however reiterated that despite the aim for economic growth, the environment should not be sacrificed.

“Finally, we must ensure that our economic development is sustainable and that the foundations of that growth are institutionalized. Only then will we protect the environment for future generations while expanding our investment in and opportunities for our people.”

Raynold 'Arnold" Oilouch receiving the vice presidential oath of office from Associate Justice John K. Rechucher.

Known for his environment initiatives, Remengesau said his last term will focus on actions that balances growth and sustainability.

“ Our long-term prosperity depends on the actions we take today to protect our ocean and our land. As I have often said, Palau’s economy is our environment and the environment is our economy,’ he added.

As Palau’s, bread and butter, tourism will continue to be a prime concern of the country.

:"This is our Pristine Paradise, Palau Vision -- to promote high value development that co-exists with our greatest asset, our environment.”

Remengesau also said with this vision of a Pristine, Paradise, Palau, he is ready to face the challenges of the future.

“We must remember that while many will come calling and knocking at our doors, only a few good partners can be chosen,” Remenegsau stated.

He also said he would continue to fight climate change and maintain strong alliances with partner nations across the globe.

Remengesau also thanked his many supporters who elected him again for another four years.

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