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Palau's Office of Fish & Wildlife Protection relocates to Ngardmau

The Division of Fish and Wildlife Protection has relocated its office to Ngardmau to be closer to where most poaching incidences are occurring.

New Fish and Wildlife Protection Office in Ngmall, Ngardmau.

“Since most poaching on conservation areas are in the northern part of Palau this would allow Fish & Wildlife Protection officers to have a better response time to incidents,” said Keiden Kintol, Public Information Rep of the Ministry of Justice.

The fish and wildlife office will be housed at the newly repaired Ngardmau Police and Fire Substation in Ngmall, Ngardmau.

The office and its officers completed their move on Monday February 27, 2017 said Acting Bureau of Public Safety director Aloysius Alonz.

“Even with the move, fish and wildlife officers will continue to maintain their presence in Koror, and other areas,” Alonz said.

The office of the Fish and Wildlife Protection is transitioning o be a full-fledged division under the newly created Bureau of Maritime Security and Fish and Wildlife Protection of the Ministry of Justice.

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