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Palau's Ministry of Health Ramps Up Dengue Awareness Campaign

Palau’s Ministry of Health has teamed up with the Police Academy cadets in a roadside campaign to raise awareness of the dangers posed by mosquitoes, which carry deadly diseases such as dengue fever, and zika. This latest initiative from the health ministry underscore the unabated cases of dengue fever cases seen at Belau National Hospital.

There have been three deaths since the health ministry declared an outbreak of dengue fever last March. Cases of dengue fever started to rise toward the end of 2016 with 150 confirmed cases as April this year.

Staff from health ministry and the police cadets are holding signs with messages encouraging the public to use insect repellant to prevent infection as well as maintaining cleanliness around homes and yards to prevent the spawning and growth of mosquitoes.

Health Minister Dr. Emais Robert and the bureau of public health representatives have taken their message to the community in a town hall meeting sharing information regarding dengue fever and how the community could take actions to prevent it from spreading.

The road sign campaign started today and will continue throughout the week.

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