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Hillbroom flunks drug test in Palau and runs

Koror- An arrest warrant was issued against Larry Imeong Hillbroom on Wednesday after he failed a drug test last week. Police have not found Hillbroom, who is an heir of the late DHL multi-millionaire Larry Hillblom,according to the Palau Attorney General’s Office.

A failed drug test means being locked up for Hillbroom who last month escaped a jail term based on the condition in his plea bargain that if he’s found positive for drugs he will immediately go to jail.

Attorney General Ernestine Rengiil said on Wednesday that Hillbroom failed his drug test on July 16. Rengiil said the condition set in the plea agreement states that once he tested positive, it will be an immediate incarceration.

A manhunt was ordered against Hillbroom after police were unable to find him Thursday.

On June 24, Associate Justice Lourdes Materne sentenced Hillbroom of 10 years supervised probation, which shall be reduced to seven years supervised probation if he completes an inpatient rehabilitation program.

Under terms of the plea bargain, Hillbroom will serve five years jail time, commencing on September 25, 2018 if he fails to complete an inpatient rehabilitation program.

Hillbroom was also ordered to pay a fine of $50,000 to be deducted from the bond posted. The inpatient rehabilitation program was to be a minimum of six-months in length and be pre-approved by the Attorney General’s Office and the Probation office.

A monthly progress report on the Hillbroom program was also required. The cost of drug testing was to be at Hillbroom’s expense.

Under the plea bargain terms, a positive test means immediate incarceration.

The court said, even a missed test, failure to produce a sample or adulterated sample shall be treated as positive drug test.

Hillbroom’s first drug test was on July 2, 2018. He pleaded “No Contest” to a lesser charge of conspiracy to trafficking a controlled substance, in his plea bargaining agreement with the AGO office on June 25.

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